Getting out of my rut

I’ve had this book by Laura Lee Fritz for a while …called Creative Classics with continuous line designs based on feathers, fans, clamshells, etc but hadn’t quilted any of them. I’d been trying to think of up a grid design to quilt on another one of the HeartStrings Happy Block tops and decided to give this first design a try.

The top was pieced at our Nebraska sew-in from donated blocks and the grid was quick and easy to quilt and left the quilt soft and cuddly just like I like them.

Here’s another view, I think it’s one of those designs that looks better in person but I’m pleased with the results. You should be able to click the photos for larger views.

The rest of the day will be devoted to laundry, packing, and getting Chesty’s things ready for boarding — we leave for FL first thing in the morning. I’ve scheduled some posts but will have the iPhone with me to share some photos with you too.

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7 thoughts on “Getting out of my rut

  1. Jackie Russell's blog sent me over to take a look at this quilt. This is a real opportunity to express yourself with color. I think this LauraLee Fritz design was a good choice, too. Nailed it down in all the right places and it does not detract form the blocks of color.


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