Keith will be gone all next week so this weekend is *together* time rather than quilting time. I just love this city we live in. Between a meandering bike ride this afternoon all up and down the river and then dinner outside with live music, today was just wonderful. It didn’t hurt that it was an absolutely gorgeous, breezy day….we couldn’t believe it was the first of August.

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  1. Minneapolis is a very under-rated city. We love visiting there. We had planned on going to the Uptown Art Show there next week but we can't make it after all. We have gone to it a couple of times and really enjoyed meeting so many great artists.

  2. Yesterday, as we were cleaning up from a major storm/possible tornado that blew through here,and questioning why we own a house, I told my DH about you and Keith, living in a condo in the city and how you enjoyed it. We're now rethinking our next move!

  3. I really miss living in Minneapolis, even though I moved away 32 years ago. And I love coming back to visit family who are still there. So reading your blog is sometimes like a little visit home. Thanks for the visit this morning.

  4. We had the pleasure of visiting Minneapolis earlier this summer. What a GREAT city … definitely gets a bad rap because of winters but I could live there in a heartbeat. My husband said that if we hadn't already found our retirement property in Michigan we'd be checking the Minneapolis area out. Sounds like you had a wonderful evening … making time together like that is SO important.

    Flatlander (Linda)

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