A finish

Amid all the computer drama yesterday and today I did manage to make a few more diamond string blocks AND I finished binding and labeling this HeartStrings quilt.

I love how this turned out, the looks of the grid, the fact it’s really soft and cozy, and the striped binding was just perfect.

I have more work to do but my brain is tired – I think I’m going to head to bed with my book.


  1. I just have one questions … WHERE do you get your energy (quilting after the computer fiasco) and your patience (DEALING with the computer fiasco). I would have been screaming down the street …. LOL

    Flatlander (Linda)

  2. Love the colors and how fun that you got the border on! I am sorry for the computer woes…I put you on my sidebar as a blogging, quilting, nurse!

  3. What a wonderful quilt! Congratulations on finishing it (including the label). Enjoy the book & the rest – you certainly deserve it.

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