New computer

I don’t think I shared that I bought a new laptop a couple weeks ago. I kind of hated to buy it because I don’t use the laptop very often since the iPad is just so much more convenient but there are some things I need to do on the computer and the screen on my current one was doing a lot of flickering and I’m just waiting for it to die completely.

Since I’m having problems with all my technology these days, it’s not surprising that I couldn’t seem to get EQ7 loaded and I was a bit frustrated – can you believe that I have 3 copies of this program? I’d bought one for my computer, one for Mom’s computer because I did so much work there for her, and then a downloaded version because I couldn’t put my hands on the disk when I needed to add it to my computer the last time I bought one …. and I couldn’t get any of them to work so I walked away and decided I’d figure it out later.

Later turned out to be tonight and when I went to open the program, it worked. Weird.

To test it out, I drafted a Friendship Star quilt. I’ve been wanting to make another one for years and since I’m currently obsessed with half square triangles this one might actually get made. By now you know I’d make my quilt scrappier but it’s faster to design in just a few fabrics.

I’ve put some quilt notes on the website if you’re interested.

RWB Friendship Stars


  1. I’ve made a couple of these “ribbon friendship stars.” it’s a great pattern. I like the RWB –might have to try that for July 4. It makes a great table runner too! All the best!

  2. Technology is helpful until it isn’t. I’ll never understand why some days it doesn’t work and then suddenly it does. Love the design.

  3. ok, as long as we’re talking technology, the Like button only lets bloggers like your post. Not like the thumbs up you had before. It asks for you to sign in with your blog name. No blog for me. But I loved the Finn post, well I like your blog period. But you knew that. Just wanted you to know why you’re not getting more likes from me.

  4. I just tried EQ7 after owning it for 5 years. I don’t really understand it but managed to figure it out with the help of the 2 resident computer experts here at my house. Both of them say it’s not a user friendly program. My husband is used to working with CAD programs that cost thousands and EQ7 isn’t in that category at all. Anyway, I’m now game to try a pieced border and see how that goes. And if I have a problem, there has to be a YouTube video to figure it out. I love technology but find it frustrating when things don’t work out the way I think they should.

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