The first of three t-shirt quilts I’m making with Mom is quilted and packed up to go back to her for binding! Not always the most attractive quilts, t-shirt quilts can have a lot of meaning and I know these three will help keep my sister-in-law’s memory alive in her grandchildren. Plus, I think this one looks better than most!

There was no pattern, I did an internet search for t-shirt quilts and drafted them from ones that inspired us.


Pantograph is Hearts in Bloom.



  1. Beautiful Mary. How wonderful that you are doing this for her Grands. I hope it is offering you some comfort and healing as you complete these memorial hugs. (love the panto too-I just ordered it!).

  2. Pinwheel section adds balance I think. It looks amazing and that panto is a favourite and so appropriate I feel

  3. This really is a labour of love Mary. So special that you work so well together with your mother. I’m praying for your surgery tomorrow and the weeks ahead. I enjoy following your blog, especially your beautiful quilts.

  4. Oh how I wish I had seen your T-shirt quilt before I did two for my granddaughters. I don’t like the t-shirt quilt and drug my feet for three years before I just bit the bullet and did them. The pieced blocks add so much. If they ever talk me into doing another, I will add the pieced blocks. Love your quilt.

  5. Amazing to me that with all you’re going through, you still have time and energy to think of others, and to do so in such a creative way is testament to your talents. I’ll be thinking of you in the coming weeks…sending good thoughts your way.

  6. I like the way you varied the size of the blocks and broke them up with pinwheels. It really takes it a step up from the usual tee shirt quilts. What kind of stabilizer did you use for the tee shirts?

  7. Mary, I am traveling to family get-together tomorrow, but wanted let you know I am praying your surgery goes
    well on Thursday and that your recovery is not awful. You were much more patient than i would have been
    waiting for the surgery! Elizabeth

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