1. So glad you feel up to knitting a bit. That’s what I always turn to when I’m under the weather, but looking for the good in life. Healing thoughts coming your way…..

  2. They can tell when we aren’t feeling well. Hope you are feeling better soon. The scarf is lovely!

  3. I’m sorry I was late visiting but so glad that you are home and able to knit! Good for you for finding something to keep you occupied while getting some recovery time.

  4. Glad you are feeling up to some knitting. I think animals sense when we need comfort.

  5. I love it — and, you are definitely a fast knitter! I haven’t had curling issues; I was taught to always slip the first stitch of each row to relax the edges. Maybe that will help for your next one. Finn is precious!

  6. Nothing quite as relaxing as a warm sleepy fur baby snuggled up when you need to relax or nap. I’ve had a nasty summer cold the past couple of days, and have enjoyed having the cat snuggled up when I was napping. They seem to know that they are a comfort. Hope you are feeling better and will return to your old self soon.

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