I jinxed myself

I spoke too soon on Friday – the weekend was very tough on me and I ended up briefly in the ER mostly to rule out problems … my heart rate had dropped down into the 40’s which had me feeling pretty dizzy and weak. I’ve been taking medication since the day of the surgery but my thyroid hormone level had just dropped too low causing the bradycardia. Today was better and I even felt up to sewing for an hour. I’m making a little progress on the RWB half square triangles.



  1. So happy to hear from you even if the news was not the greatest. I have checked my blog list a lot over the laast 2 days hoping to see a quick post from you. Hope they get the hormones right soon.

  2. Looks like you made a lot of progress! When you didn’t post, I thought the trauma of your surgery had caught up with you. Glad today is a better day! Prayers continue for you.

  3. Hope this was just a small bump in the road to recovery and that you have nothing but improvement from here on. Take good care of yourself.

  4. Mary, I too have been checking in numerous times a day. Glad to know they could pinpoint the problem and it sounds as if you will do well. Take care and hope you sleep well.

  5. Also looked for a post yesterday and was concerned when it didn’t appear. Hopefully, they have your meds adjusted now.

  6. Take care! In earlier posts, you mentioned a cardiac problem, so I hope this is just a small hiccup on the road to recovery.

  7. Just remember to listen to your body. You know how it is supposed to feel. Do not put off solutions–moms tend to wait until tomorrow Hang in there all prayers go to you..

  8. So sorry to hear about your brady-episode. Scary stuff. I’m glad you got the care you needed and are now back home and healing. Take good care.

  9. Healing prayers continue for you!
    Remember to rest when you need to!

  10. Ditto the other commenters: glad to hear from you. And glad the bumpy weekend is past and you are feeling better.

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