More cutting

I’ve reached the point in my RWB quilt where I needed to cut more half square triangles so I got them cut and all paired up by the machine ready to sew. Just 11 more blocks to make.

Do you “precut” your scraps or do you leave them alone until you’re ready to make a quilt? It’s always been my process to have my scraps separated by color in bins and when I’m ready to make a scrap quilt pull out and cut the fabric. While I’ve never wanted to commit my scraps by precutting them, I’m at the point where the scraps are overflowing their assigned bins and I’ve decided that I’ll do some selective precutting.

I think tumbler quilts are a great way to use up scraps, I use a lot of 4 inch half square triangles, I have a couple quilts I want to make using 2.5 inch strips, and I’m going to make that Flock of Geese in brown and green that uses 6 and 3 inch finished half square triangles so… I’d like to do enough cutting to start getting control of the scraps but … I need a way to organize the different shapes and keep them out of my way as I’m working.

Since I hadn’t been released to drive yet after my surgery, Keith took me to my post-op appointment this morning and then we stopped for lunch and he was nice enough to wait while I went looking at the container store.

So many options!!


I didn’t want something too big or too small and I think this 5 drawer bin will work. It should fit against the wall near the cutting table and the table I use the GO on so it should be easy to cut and drop the shapes in the drawer keeping everything neat and organized.


My new scarf is progressing too … this is a deep red but the lighter areas are creating some interest as I make progress.  Can you see how content Finn is to sit with me while I knit? He’s a great knitting buddy!



  1. Like you, I have lots of scraps. When I pull a scrap from the bin to use, I go ahead a cut up what is left over into strips and file them into appropriate size bins to keep from putting that scrap back into the bin. I also cut a wider strip if I can and cut tumblers and have a bin for those. I don’t worry about running out of a certain color of scrap because then there are the bins and bins of fat quarters. Glad to see you are feeling better these days. I love the two size half square triangle quilt and have a masculine one on my radar to make to donate through my church’s quilt ministry group. Thank you for all the pattern ideas!

  2. I cut scraps into useable sizes (sqrs 5″,6.5″,10″; bricks 3.5″x6.5″; strips 2.5″) so when I get a bin full I can sit down and sew without spending a lot of time cutting. Since I like scrappy quilts, it works well for me.

    Thrilled to see that Finn has turned into a content knitting companion.

  3. I think everyone knows that I precut scraps. I tend to make smaller blocks so I know the sizes I will use most. Since I like multi fabric quilts, it does not bother me in the least to cut a half dozen or less shapes from yardage especially fqs which do not fit well in my cupboards (they obscure the yardage in back of them often). It is hard to tell how big your drawers are but looks adequate to me! I would advise that you use the drawers by size of the scraps. Tumblers in the top drawer, 2.5 in the next then 3 then 4.5 and lastly six. The bottom drawer (which you have to bend to open LOL is open for the times you are using a different size and cutting as you go. I group my little scrap boxes this way and it works for me

    I am just getting back to sewing regularly so I will wait until the end of the year to tally my finishes !

  4. I’m a bit like you in that I kind of hate to cut into a larger scrap that I think I might need later. But I’ve been doing some color sorting this year into bins. And I do cut some scraps into squares or bricks. I mostly do 2.5″ squares, 3.5″, 5″ – and crazy as it sounds I also cut 1.5″. My bricks so far are just cut from “kid prints” and the size is 3.5″ x 6.5″. In all honesty, I’ve forgotten all about these lately. And I have a lot of strings all odd widths for when I am in the mood to do some quick string blocks.

    I recently got a tumbler ruler but haven’t used it yet. I do think that might be a good useable shape for me in the future.

  5. If I don’t pre-cut scraps I never get started in a project, and if I DO pre-cut scraps I often end up with a bunch of shapes and I’ve forgotten what I’d planned to do with them!

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