I left the house for the first time in a week … definitely on the mend now.

My Knitting is progressing and I cast off the multi rib scarf a couple nights ago. (It does need blocking but I love it)  It will go in the donation pile.


Last night I picked up my Party of Five cowl … I’ve just got one section left but I should have left myself better notes, it took a while to figure out where I was.


I’ve got a new scarf I want to try, a feather and fan pattern and I pulled a couple yarn possibilities.


I won’t start it yet because it’s one that I have to look at the pattern to knit … those I listen to audiobooks and the Party of Five Cowl is a one of those also where I have to follow the pattern and count rows… but I am going to cast on a Yowza shawl tonight while I watch some Netflix on the iPad (I’m in a up all night, sleep all morning routine right now) and I need mindless knitting for watching TV (Wallander – very slow but good when you get into it. Perfect for knitting –  not a lot of action). I’m going to put a rib edging on this one rather than the ruffle I usually do!


I’m making progress on my RWB half square triangles too but I won’t share a photo because it looks basically the same as the other day but with a few more blocks up on the design wall. I’m more than half way done with making the blocks now.


  1. Getting the sleep pattern turned around won’t be fun. Love that you knit for others, but not at all surprised. You are a special person.

  2. Wonderful that you are feeling better! I have always thought knitting to be soothing. The red and blue yarn look beautiful together.

  3. Congratulations on being able to take a trip outside the house. It is just nice to get outside. Wishing you continued success as you regain your strength and recuperate.

  4. Excellent news! I’m sure getting out of the house was delightful. Love all your knitting plans. May you continue to feel better every day.

  5. Great to hear you are feeling lots better–just be sure to rest your lovely self enough now; great knitting projects on the go you have to spend time with…hugs, Julierose

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