I noticed when I was pulling neutrals for the RWB quilt that my brown scraps are outgrowing the bin they share with the neutrals. Since I seem to be hooked on half square triangles right now, I thought I’d play with a couple options for the browns.

I can’t decide whether to pair the pink or the green with the browns so maybe I’ll have to make both quilts.


These drawings only give me an idea of the color choices … neither have the correct number of blocks. If you’re interested in making an Easy Flock of Geese quilt, I have some brief instructions posted on the website at the link above. I love the top I pieced in May and hope to get it quilted in the next month or two. Of course, I need to finish the RWB half square triangles first.


  1. Pink and brown reminds me of a Russell Stovers candy. That could be a ”yummy” quilt . Green and brown could be an ‘earthy’ style quilt. I think it all depends on the pink or green fabric that you pair with the brown. Either will be a beautiful quilt. Enjoy your weekend. D. Weeks

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