Off my needles

The Waves of Blue scarf is finished and I even wove the ends in! It’s a free pattern from Ravelry and I’ll definitely knit it again …. I’ve got some skeins to wind into balls and I think next up will be a scarf for me but after that I’ll probably do another one of these to donate. 78739F12-1B7E-4542-82B5-4A6301D9D24A

I could block this to “straighten” it some but I love the texture from the waviness.


I was adding it to my database and realized I still have a lot of finished scarves and shawls that just need ends woven in or blocking … I love knitting, finishing isn’t my strong point!



  1. So, what’s the Zzzzzz entry? Bored with/tired of it? And those with nothing in the 5th column? Are they doomed to be forgotten forever?!? Oh, the humanity!

  2. I, too, love the look and texture of this scarf just as it is. I have to laugh at your chart. It really is funny so many of us don’t like the final steps…..weaving ends and blocking. Casting on; new colors and pattern; knitting and seeing it come to life……all good. hee hee

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