Two tops have been bound …

The first Happy Block top, backed with Cuddle donated to HeartStrings by Shannon Fabrics. It’s my 15th UFO finish for the year so even though I feel like I’m working more slowly this year I’m making good progress.


And the Chinese Coins Doll quilt.




  1. Hi Mary, Have to say I agree heartily with the above comment – am in awe of your productivity! Have a question and happy to have you answer on this page so others can see it. What batting do you use under the cuddle fabric? Would like to have a go at this but wonder about thickness. Please gice details, eg brand as well as type of batting and whether or not it has a scrim

    • Anne, on these I’ve used Pellon – 80/20 Cotton/Polyester Batting With Scrim – Needle Punched. I bought a couple small rolls from Joann’s a while ago and it’s a little thinner than my usual Hobbs 80/20 but I’ve also used Hobbs Thermore batting which is a very thin poly batting when I’m going to use a minkee type backing. It just depends on where the quilt is going. These will go to Maine so the Pellon batting works well with them – not too thick but plenty warm.


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