Quilt kits

I’ve did a little online shopping the other day and I got into a discussion about buying discounted kits online. When we first moved back to FL four years ago my stash went to our place in GA and since I’d bought a few kits for Mom, I thought it would be nice to have some kits here so I could just pick them up and sew.

Here’s one of the quilts Mom made from a kit I got for her.


Occasionally I’ll make the pattern in the kit but most often I use the fabric for a quilt I draft myself. This was one of the Connecting Threads kits I bought …


and this is the quilt I made from it … I did pull that cream fabric from stash to go with the fabrics in the kit.


Here’s another one where I took the fabric from a discounted kit and did my own thing.


And here’s one where I pieced the intended pattern. It’s kind of plain looking now but I think it will look great once it’s quilted.


So I’m not necessarily trying to encourage you to go out and start buying quilt kits but when I find something that appeals to me, whether it’s just the fabric or the quilt itself, AND I can buy it a good discount, I’m snapping them up!


  1. I agree about buying them when the price is good. Recently I bought beautiful backings and I will use it in piecing instead of backs because it’s only a yard or less. Fabric prices have jumped very high now and a bargain is too good to pass up.

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