I have 3 days of appointments … yesterday wasn’t too bad, about an hour an a half and I was done. I even went for a massage in the afternoon. Today I have 2 appointments again but I have to wait 4 hours between my Thyrogen shot and taking  a diagnostic dose of radioactive iodine needed for the whole body scan tomorrow morning (not to be confused with tomorrow afternoon’s therapuetic dose which requires all the precautions and isolation). So as I sit here and wait …


I had to send Debbie a text thanking her again for the woven shawl … it’s freezing in here!


Since I brought my iPad along today to pass the time, I looked at eBay for some inspiration … if I can’t be quilting, then I can at least look at quilts. This one appeals to me.


I don’t know if the block has a name but I’m calling it a variation of a split 9 patch and opened up TouchDraw to see if I could draft a veteran quilt.

Quilt size is 62 x 80 – you could leave the borders off for a quilt that is 54×72

Block size is 9 inches finished (9.5 inches with seam allowances) which means your squares and half square triangles need to be 3.5 inches with seam allowances. You will need 48 blocks set 6 blocks across and 8 rows down.

Inner red border is cut 1.5 inches, outer blue border is cut 3.5 inches.


Normally I’d make the background scrappy but I might have enough of  a light print that will work.




  1. Medical facilities are often chilly, so I’m glad you have a beautiful shawl with you. Sending positive vibes and prayers your way.

    Thanks for drawing the quilt in patriotic colors. It might be the nudge I need to begin sewing again.

    • Good luck! This puts you one step closer to being DONE! I have made this quilt with a slight variation. Instead of the square in the middle of the middle row, I used a light/dark hst. It changes the look just a little. I liked straighter lines..but this is interesting too! It is the quilt I sleep under in Santa Fe and I enjoy exploring it every time. Super scrappy in earthtones..cream to beige, Browns, dark browns and rusts. So many fabrics I wish I still had!

  2. Beautiful design. It’s one of those quilts that makes you do some close scrutiny to see exactly how each block works into the design. Great job! Hope your treatment goes well.

    • At first I thought it was just a straightforward split 9 patch and then I realized the center square was not a HST.


  3. This design could get me back to quilting! I love it. I am on a strict “no more fabric/yarn” diet but I bet I have lots that would work. It is especially pretty in RWB.
    The woven shawl is beautiful….I can even see the love and hugs she wove into it.
    I am sending hugs and positive thoughts to you also.

  4. Hospitals and Dr offices are always too cold!
    That block is likely a Perkiomen Valley Block. Our guild used it to make quilts for Thomas Fire quilts here in Ventura. It can be set a hundred different ways, very fun to play with.

    • It’s an app that I use to draft quilts on the longarm. It’s a drawing app not a quilting app so it takes a little effort to learn but once I draw my block I do a lot of duplicating so it’s pretty quick when you get the hang of it.


  5. Best of luck over the next few days. I hope all procedures happen on time. Waiting is always stressful. The quilt block you are showing is called Perkiomen Valley here in eastern PA. That valley is northwest of Philadelphia.

  6. Mary, having been thru what you are going thru, I am keeping you in my payers and thoughts. The more of your posts I read, the more I find we have in common. I made chicken salad today for lunch and it was yummy. I also did all the work to make fresh, homemade chili rellenos for dinner. Talk about good and a lot of work. We have stayed in the same hotel and had the same coffee in Venice. Still a favorite of ours. That was not the only thing. But in reading your post today, I saw that we have the same paper towel holder. nWe also enjoy our wine. We love quilting. I love doing needlework and love to knit but live in a climate (a desert) where I do not require lots of knitted things . Hope to be in Tampa early in Dec. to visit my 92+ uncle, then to NOLA for a cruise before Christmas.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that all goes well for you.


  7. I’ll be thinking all good thoughts for things to go smoothly for you. The shawl Is a thoughtful gift. I like this quilt you came across. Might be fun to piece. 🙂

  8. Praying that you have an easy time with your tests and that the results are good. The quilt that you posted and designed is just like one that was made for the California Thomas Fire victims back in December of 2018. The block that quilters were asked to make and submit is called Perkiomen Block. I sent my blocks to Carole @ From My Carolina Home. The Ventura Quilt Guild posted the block directions on their page.

  9. Love this quilt! Could probably use all of the log cabin settings as variations. I’m sending lots of prayers and healing wishes your way for your upcoming procedure.

  10. Hope today and the following days go smoothly for you. I have been looking for inspiration for a QOV and am going to try your pattern. Thank you!

  11. Thinking of you and prayers for you. I’ve had the “c” word 4 times…….my knitting with me thru all the waiting, for me knitting was/is absolutely therapeutic. Hugs 🤗

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