It may be hard to believe but the 3 and a half weeks on the low iodine diet might turn out to be the hardest part of the radioactive iodine treatment. Luckily, it ended today!!! For my first meal, Keith fixed me French Toast and bacon, coffee with creamer, and a mimosa!


This is my last day of isolation so he sat in the library and we opened the doors to the office where I’m staying so we could have brunch together. Tomorrow we’ll be able to sit and eat in the same room.

I’ll also be able to sew and knit again tomorrow without worrying about contaminating anything. Although it’s not hard to clean up things that I’ve touched or used during this isolation period, it was a hassle factor I didn’t want to deal with when it came to my knitting projects and sewing room.


  1. The friend that stayed in the hospital for her isolation period was so excited to eat regular food and to see people that weren’t dressed in isolation outfits. Her room walls were all covered in a special plastic sheeting and her family could see her through the glass. The nurse brought her the news she could leave by coming in the room with out the full attire. Her isolation was so very different from yours and I don’t know why. I considered asking, but I know she is sensitive to the topic.

    Keith is an angel for making such a wonderful brunch for you and I know you will be so excited to see your isolation end. Finn will still be confused by your behavior, but that too will pass. Hope you and Keith get to spend a great day celebrating your freedom.

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