Playing hooky

Checked off today’s agenda – get up, take a long walk with Finn, make binding and machine stitch it on two quilts, run off to the Lobster Shack for lunch, sit on the rocks at Two Lights and read!


Back at the cottage, Finn and I went for another walk and now I’m ready to hand stitch the two bindings that I prepped this morning.

Whenever I’m in Maine tying quilts I always get comments from people who don’t like tied quilts. I get that, quilting looks neater than tying but have you ever cuddled up under a tied quilt?! They are very cozy and these are especially so because they have the Cuddle backing.  We’re able to finish and donate more quilts during the sew-in when I tie these ….  this is 3rd time we’ve spent the month of October in Maine and the timing is good coming right after the September sew-in as there are always lots of tops to be tied and finished so they can be donated.

Three more Happy Block quilts were finished yesterday.


  1. I’ve never seen a tied quilt, but I think it would be much softer and more pliable than a quilted one; however, I wonder if it would hold up to years of washing and drying the way a quilted one does.

    Finn must be in his glory with those long walks in the cool weather! I’m glad you aren’t having rain right now.

  2. When I first began quilting I tied all of my quilts because there were very few professional quilters out there. And I didn’t know how to hand quilt. And I grew up sleeping under tied quilts, You are so right about how cozy they are.

  3. All the quilts I grew up with were tied. They withstood hard use, multiple washings and still looked good after 20 years. Your reading sot looks fabulous.

  4. I don’t normally do tied quilts but recently did a pieced flannel quilt and backed it in fleece. Tying worked well for this combo and made a very drapey, cozy throw. No batting. Great weight for a friend in a Skilled Nursing Facility.

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