A little late

I did talk to Chris on Monday to wish him a Happy Birthday – I can’t believe my little boy is 35 – but I didn’t have time until today to make his birthday collage.

This year more than ever, it has meant the world to me that he ALWAYS shows up … to spend time with us, to spend time with the extended family, to help out whenever needed, and to just be there to say he loves me. I’m so proud of the person he has become and love spending time with him and his beautiful girls!

Happy Birthday Chris!


3 thoughts on “A little late

  1. What a great gift! Your boys are always happy — always smiling! You may not have accomplished as much quilting this past year as you wanted to (although, you ran circles around me!), but you did spend a lot of time with many family members. Even through your horrific surgeries and treatments, you made yourself get up and get moving to heal. That was a fabulous accomplishment!


  2. You and Keith seem to have raised some very caring young men. Quantity of accomplishments might be down, but I think quality of time spent together has been wonderful. We have a big cabin rented for a week in early June, and hope that our kids and grandkids are able to share some time with us there, since that was the purpose.


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