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A post on Nancy’s blog AND events the last couple weeks and those over the last few years have me thinking about how I want to spend my time, where I want to travel, and what unfinished business I have. I don’t have a list … but it’s something I need to give more thought to. We’ve had a number of deaths in the family/extended family in the last 4 years and most of them in our age group – give or take a few years. After each one, we talk about how valuable our remaining time is and that we shouldn’t waste it and then we seem to slip back into our routine and think we have all the time in the world left.

My health this year prevented me from doing some of the things I wanted, I didn’t quilt as much or travel as much as I like to but we did sell our Big Canoe condo knowing it would give us more flexibility in the future. That was a big step forward and we were able to keep our plans to be here in Maine. I’ve got my will rewritten … it’s not perfect – I used an online site to do it and eventually I’d like to tweak it some but it’s updated and way better than the old outdated version and I just need to get it printed and signed when I get home and we’ll use the same format to update Keith’s.

Mom and Kevin left this morning and I was thrilled to have them here for a visit. The drive wasn’t particularly easy for them, the quirky cottage a bit of a challenge, and she’s not a fan of cold weather (40’s and 50’s are cold for her!) but she’s always wanted to visit New England and I think she had a great time!


Yesterday, we went on a harbor cruise and then had dinner on the water. I’m so glad we had this time together.



  1. I’m 73 years old now and each day is important to me. My dear husband,who is now going on 78, has beginning dementia. What it means to me is more responsibility and work, less quilting. We downsized our camper into one I can pull easily and park. We have traveled all over the world and although I want to see more and go back to London and Paris, I’m not sure that’s going to happen. I’m quite happy seeing the US again and again. I’m looking at life differently now than I ever had, trying to make things simple is hard work at first. I’m hopeful that things will adjust soon. Make that bucket list Mary and cross each thing off as you do it. I’m grateful that there isn’t anything left on mine.

  2. Someone once asked, but is our most precious thing in life? Time was the answer. There is not way to get Time back, not a minute, not an hour or a day—-it’s simply gone.

  3. I’ve started making a list, too. Selling my house has been a relief because now I feel that I can be more spontaneous and adventurous. Visiting England has been on the top of my list for nearly two decades. I started planning the trip two years ago, and sadly, the friend who was going with me died unexpectedly. Now, I’m not sure my weak knee will allow me to go, but I’m not throwing in the towel yet. My will/trust needs to be updated, especially since my circumstances have changed. I’ve started a list of the changes and need to see that they are made.

  4. This is such a great post for those of us getting on in years. My husband and I are both 71 and I have been thinking about this a lot the last month as I am getting prepared for knee replacement surgery in Nov. I have never had surgery so I think that is why my reaction has been hard. We updated our wills a couple of years ago but I need to tweak some things. Where online were you able to do your wills and are they legal wills if needed? Do you need to have them notarized? We used a lawyer last time but hate to spend the money if not needed. I’m happy you had such a good time with your mother and brother. Those times are very precious!! I lost two very good friends this past year and both my parents a few years ago. I miss them all so much! Things like that really make you face reality. Love your pictures and postings, thanks for sharing!

  5. Nancy’s post made me think about similar things. We certainly need to update our wills. And we’ve both had life events within our families in the past year that have made us realize that life is short. I’ve been thinking about my own bucket list lately, which is very different from my husband’s bucket list. For example: I love to travel and he doesn’t. So I signed up to go on a cruise with 6 girlfriends in January. 3 of those gals have moved away and we rarely see them. But in January we’ll spend 10 days together. I can’t wait. And now my husband is pouting because we didn’t invite the spouses to go along.

  6. Thank you, Mary, for this post!
    We have a number of friends facing end-of-living right now. Having a secure relationship with Jesus helps us not worry about eternity. The likely physical and mental decline, nobody wants.
    I have to make some decisions soon regarding potential travel. “No time like the present.” If i miss an opportunity, that moment is forever gone. Some have fussed that traveling during the holidays spreads flu… to vulnerable people. It does happen. Now to decide if it’s worth the risk to my immune-lowered hubby, older parents or strangers. I am thankful we can at least fly.

  7. Today’s post and the responses are very powerful and maybe what I needed to hear. I’m 71 in reasonably good health, but fear leaving my comfort zone. Traveled a lot when younger. Packed the car and went. now I am alone, but have friends who would go with me. Maybe I will re-read this blog and get that car packed. Thanks to everyone who wrote.

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