Spa day

I’m spoiled! Keith pointed out a spa the other night when we went to the Top of the East … it has a good view of Portland and we went there years ago with his father … so I decided to book a massage and a pedicure. What a relaxing afternoon!


I took a little walk afterwards. I wanted to light a candle for my sister-in-law who died two years ago today … but the cathedral was locked up. I went to the church office to ask when the church was unlocked and found only during Mass. So sad — I understand they’ve had problems leaving it unlocked but I love cities where I can go into churches for private prayer and to light candles for those we’ve lost.


The parish office was open so I was able to arrange to have a Mass said for Lisa and for Keith’s brother but I wish I had been able to go into the church and light a candle too.

I love being here in South Portland near Willard Beach but I also miss being downtown Portland. I walked past Monument Square…


And the history center. My plan is to finish the last 3 HeartStrings quilts next week and then while Keith is out of town, go over and do a little genealogy research the last week we’re here. Unfortunately, my genealogy research has taken a back seat to other things the last few years but I do spend some time filling in the blanks now and then.


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  1. Great to have the massage and do a little wandering. On the genealogy front, I think you have been way too busy and I am glad you may have a little time to look. Sadly you are in the phase where all information is a little more time consuming to get. Good luck and hopefully you find a few good previously unknown ancestors.

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