Books and fabric

After dropping Keith off at the airport this morning I grabbed an early lunch and decided to stop at Books A Million before heading back to the cottage to work.


I love bookstores and libraries even though I read 75 percent of the time on my Kindle. It’s just too convenient and I couldn’t possibly keep all the books I read, the house would be overflowing. Before I got the Kindle, each time we moved I’d donate boxes of books to the library and then start up another collection at the new house. Now I still buy physical books but mostly travel, quilting, and knitting related as well as children’s books for the library so we’ll have reading material when my little ones come to visit.

While I was standing in line to pay for my books, a couple behind me was discussing whether they were going to have lunch before or after going to Marden’s and it sounded like it was nearby… so you know where I went next don’t you?


I need to be careful because we’ve done a little shopping since we’ve been here and the car was already crammed full but I did find a few fabrics and a couple charm packs to come home with me. Now I wish I’d bought some of those pinks!


By the time I finally got home, Finn needed a good walk and then it was time to get to work.



  1. Bookstores make me happy. And like you I do most of my reading electronically. But I still buy some print books yet. Especially children’s books – since my grandkids are similar ages to yours.

  2. I want to go to Marsdens too! Very pretty quilts you’re finishing. I love books, better than any readers. Something about a book-I buy used and give to friends or the library to sell.

  3. Oh, my goodness; I discovered Marden’s this past summer when I was visiting the big Maine quilt show with some quilty friends. Lots of stash additions that I am still drooling over and plus having the fun of planning projects. And I spied the football fabric in one of your tied quilts and realized it is just the fabric my friend needs to complete her planned quilt. Something like a that can hold up production, haha.

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