I often have to make corrections to a post … usually it’s just a typo that slipped past my review of the post before publishing, sometimes its added content that I decide doesn’t need its own post but sometimes I’m correcting a mistake like in this post on the basket weave rails. I drew the block as a 7 inch block so I could use the grid on TouchDraw (odd size finished blocks with half inches are harder to draw) but my finished block is going to be 10.5 inches so for some reason I thought I’d have to fudge the pieced strip but no … if I’d just stopped to do the math, I’d realize that 2 inch squares will work for that too so I went back and corrected my post.

I’ve used a couple different widgets to let readers subscribe to the blog. One, does a daily summary and those posts probably have the updated material but the current subscribe button on the blog sends out a post as soon as I hit publish … I’ve looked and there’s no way to delay it or batch posts from a single day into one email.

So bottom line, if something I post doesn’t make sense, check out the blog to see if I’ve caught my own error … or email me!

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  1. Die hard blog reader here, unfortunately I lost some of my list when I was gifted a new computer. Instagram confuses me, like Pinterest because there’s some comment, and do FB because I’m in a pretty tight circle of friends and family. Love your blog Mary.

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