Do you RV?

Every time I go on a road trip I wish that I had an RV. Today Keith and I went to an RV show and I’m ready to buy one but he’s not convinced yet.


Ideally, I’d love a Class B (van) but it’s really just too small (Keith is 6’4), I’d never buy a big Class A (bus) or one that has to be towed (although I do love the little tear drop trailers!),  but a small Class C would fit us just fine.  We did look at a couple Jayco RVs — I don’t think this was one of them but it gives you an idea of the size.


I was surprised that there were a lot of Class C’s that were too small in the “cockpit” for Keith to fit in but we did find a couple that would work … now if I could only convince him to buy one I’d be happy.

Do you RV?


  1. Yes, we have had a Class C for about 18 months now. It’s roomy enough just for my husband and I, plus the cat. However, there’s no room for me to bring my sewing machine and fabric. So I do a lot of reading in the evenings, after a day of hiking or sightseeing. I could bring some hand-piecing, I suppose. I don’t knit or crochet, but you could definitely bring your knitting. One thing I don’t like is having to drive it. I have to do my share of driving and don’t feel comfortable driving a big truck. Finally, we aren’t tall people, so no have no problem with fitting in the truck cab. Good luck with your search and possible purchase.

  2. We started camping when the kids were little, used a tent. Then bought a camper. We had a large camper and a small RV and I loved the RV. We just sold both last month and bought a short lightweight camper that I can pull behind our truck. My husband has beginning dementia and I want to travel so this hopefully will work out ok. We are going to Texas and to New Orleans this January-March for about 6 weeks. I will take my sewing machine and piece while I’m gone. The longest we’ve been gone is four months.

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  3. Hi Mary! I would love to RV, too. There’s no way you could get the Class B for Keith! It is fun to think about, and I love to watch the RV shows. Happy Saturday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. We have a small Class A, a Thor Vegas. We haven’t used it a lot, still waiting for retirement and not being ‘on call” for mom, but we’ve been very happy with it the times we have used it. We say it has all we need and not anything extra. Perfect for the two of us and two small dogs.

  5. I think an RV would be fun, but my husband doesn’t. We rented a camper once when our girls were little. We spent a few nights in the Black Hills in a beautiful campground. The girls and I had a blast but Dave hated it. He’s tall too – but not as tall as Keith – and the bed and shower were too short. And so he hasn’t been very interested in checking out other styles of campers or RVs. And he really doesn’t enjoy travel anyway so it’s a “no go” in our house. But I have a friend who sold her house and just travels in her RV. Her and her cat. It’s been almost 5 years now and she’s still loving it.

  6. Check out:
    Seems really well made.
    Gorgeous! Our fav floor plan has the double sinks, bath and closet in the front. There is a dealer in Tampa. Fun to look. I don’t know that we would ever get anything that big. We’d also have to buy a truck.

    We began with a tent and a Jayco popup trailer for several years, then a 19’ trailer for 12 years until a tornado ruined it. After a year we got another popup. After about five yrs, sold it and the suv when everyone’s schedule got too busy and popup too much work.
    Now, we are dreaming about when to begin retirement years and possibly traveling long distance and for months, but health may delete this whole idea, or turn us a different direction.

  7. As tall as Keith is would he have a problem with ceiling height in the living section of an RV? Our mobile vet has her clinic in a Class C and I felt like my head was pretty close to the ceiling…I’m 5’8″. Then there’s the height of doorways and those awfully tiny bathrooms. It would be nice though to be able to sleep in your own bed, have your own bathroom and be able to cook a little when you’re on a trip. And no worries about finding a dog friendly hotel for Finn.

  8. My husband and I are talking about the same, buying an RV. It is an investment. I like the Class C. Brand new, not used (hubby wants used, not me!) The convenience of having all your own personal items at your fingertips is a real delight. No lugging suitcases, etc into hotels. Oh, and plenty of space for a sewing machine too. I think that we will be investing in one soon, and look into the features to tow a vehicle. Happy looking/shopping.

  9. Bought a used fifth wheel RV two years ago. We’ve used it a few times and I am anxious to get more use out of it when time allows. It really is a home away from home. We can bring our pets and know they are safe if we go out and leave them behind. When I was researching I did look at the class C and they really are the perfect size for traveling a lot. Just out of our price range. After I bought ours I saw that there were several dealers down south that were selling brand new class C for half price due to hail damage. My brother who lives down that way inquired. They had dings from the hail. There was nothing broken, it was just an appearance issue. It may be a good thing to look for. The prices of these things are so elevated and if financing the loans go on forever, escalating the book price and by the time your paid up the vehicle not worth much if still usable. Another reason we bought used.
    Good luck on your search

  10. We had a camper for several years when we were younger and the kids and I traveled with my husband for his work. He supervised the building of satellite tracking stations all over the USA and several foreign countries back then. We had a fun time back for a few years. He is also tall, like Keith. He always had a difficult time with the smaller features campers, but he managed. After he took a stay at home position in the later years of his life, he refused to travel. I guess he traveled so much for his job, he just wanted, and still likes to stay home. He is not in good health now, so that’s not something we would be doing in any case. I know lots of folks that love camper life, but they also seem to have not traveled a lot during their work life like my husband did. Perhaps that is why Keith is resistant to buying a camper and traveling. He also seems to travel a lot for his work already. So being able to stay at home is comforting and relaxing for him. While driving and living in a camper may be something he is not interested in now.

  11. We tented a lot when our family was young–all over and just loved it…we have never, however, owned an RV–we’ve looked longingly at them at Shows and in showrooms, and brochures; but never bit. And now, we are a bit “long in the tooth” to take that journey…so do it while you are young…(sage advice from my Mom here… ;}}}} ). Hugs Julierose

  12. Many years ago we camped in a pop-up camper but now wanted the experience but with the comforts of home. My husband and I just bought a 4 year old Class A Fleetwood Storm RV with 25,0000 miles on it. We have used it twice so far (10 days each time) and love it. I am retired and he only works part time now. After a three week cross country trip last year, staying in hotels and having to eat out or snack from a cooler and find someone to care for our pets, we were fed up but still want to travel. We looked at Class B motor homes but he felt too cramped– 6 feet tall.

    Things we like about our RV:very comfortable queen size bed, 2 slides make it very spacious; refrigerator/freezer hold enough food for most of trip–even ice cream stays solid; snacks and breakfast available without having to get dressed and leave the room; I enjoy cooking so last trip we didn’t eat out at all–especially enjoy cooking breakfast outside; bathroom small but adequate for showers–even picking up the soap😃; tons of storage; very comfortable seating–all leather chairs and sofa made by Flexsteel; driver and passenger armchairs turn toward back and additional recliner; large tv. I am a quilter and enjoy painting and there is plenty of space for me to sew and store supplies; basic clothing and toiletries, etc. don’t have to be packed every trip. We tow a vehicle so we can still sightsee without packing up entire RV. Beautiful spots to camp all over the country from forest to mountains or next to the ocean. My husband says it is as easy to drive as a car and has great mirrors and backup camera. RVing isn’t for everyone but we are loving it and highly reccomend trying it. Renting one to try would be a great plan. Enjoy the process.

  13. We have had a tent trailer for the past 15 years and loved it, but now that our son is off to college and we don’t need two beds, we’d love to get a different trailer (DH doesn’t want to have to take care of another engine vehicle…he collects classic cars and pickups). We will be coming down to Tampa in January – the largest RV show is on the third weekend, to take a look at the new models of RVs and trailers to get ideas. Maybe Keith will have had enough thinking time by then that you can persuade him to get one at that point. (Yes, I’m the reader who asked you for walking/hiking suggestions in the area!) 🙂

  14. I love RVing and have done it a few times in borrowed family RV’s. I would love to travel around the US but my husband is not sold on the idea. Now we are getting up there in years so I highly doubt it will ever happen. I say go for it, just get one large enough for Keith. If he’s not comfortable he will never enjoy it. We have friends who have lived and traveled in theirs for 12 yrs now. They have meant many wonderful people in their travels. They are now just starting to think about settling down in a house again…she wants a sewing room…but will never sell their motorhome. Tough decision to make though. Good luck!!

  15. We rented a Class C summer before last to attend a family reunion at a Tennessee campground. It was roomy enough for five adults (including one that is 6’3” and one that is 6’4”) and a toddler. I quickly learned that I cannot handle sleeping the “the penthouse” above the cab because am too claustrophobic. One issue with the Class C is that without a truck towing a fifth wheel or a larger RV towing a car, you must drive and park this vehicle everywhere you go (grocery store, fabric stores, etc). For us the biggest disadvantage is the cost combined with the fact that, like any vehicle, they decrease in value with time. Depending on his much you want to travel, renting is probably more cost effective.

  16. We have a 29 foot Jayco class C and I have decidedly mixed feelings about it. I love getting away from home and being outside more, I love being able to cook our own meals and not eat out every meal on a trip, my husband loves not having to stop for me to use the bathroom every 100 miles. I wish we had bought a smaller one, but I was weirded out by the folding bed in the 22 foot models and we have 3 dogs so we correctly thought that we needed the extra floor space. The trade off is that with a vehicle towed behind we’re super long and spontaneous stopping on a roadtrip is impossible. Sadly, that’s the whole point of road trips for me. One of our 60 lb dogs is going on 12 years old, so we’ll likely be down to 2 in a few years, about the time our youngest son finishes high school. I’m totally planning on going down to a smaller RV or even a trailer at that point. Something to consider between an RV and a trailer is what you are going to drive “in town” after you are set up at the campground. The number of vehicles that can be safely flat towed has decreased. A trailer or 5th wheel automatically gives you that drive around vehicle, while an RV requires a specifically capable vehicle of an appropriate weight, plus an expensive tow and braking setup. Trading one of your vehicles for a pickup might cost considerably less in the long run.

  17. Mary, We bought a used Class C last year. The Ford E450 chassis is powerful. Lots of cab room for the driver. I think this size is pretty popular. We drove across country this Sept. I mentioned earlier it was our first time to be in Maine. Beautiful Maine. We took 2 cats and the dog. It was fun. I’m sure you’ll find one that fits your needs.

  18. We camped when the boys were young but I found it to be a lot of work for the woman like getting all the food ready. Also packing everything else you need. Since we are a lot older now we like the convenience of hotel sleeping and eating out. That’s a vaca. My husband doesn’t like to drive long distances with all the traffic on the highways. Back when we camped there wasn’t as many people then. To each their own. If you have pets it’s a good way to travel & save on pet sitting.

  19. We have a smaller Class A that we’ve loved, although we only used it for quick weekend get aways. Sadly, we are now selling it . . .

  20. We bought a short 5th wheel about 5 years ago and just last year upgraded to a 36′ 5th wheel bunkhouse. We are in our late 30’s, with 2 young kids and MIL, so we do a lot of camping local to us and this fits us well. Camping is so relaxing and we go for sometimes up to 3 weeks at a time. We work, but go to the camper at night. It’s just a different feeling to be away. We stay at a resort that has a pool and other amenities for the kids. I take my small travel machine and pre-made kits with me. I have an extra set of supplies/rulers/cutting mats that live in the camper, so I only have to haul the projects I’m working on to the camper. I think a class C would work well for you. I would recommend renting one and going a couple hours from home to try it out for a week or so to know if you like that style of travel. I belong to the RV Quilters group and it’s amazing how many live in their RVs, while others only go on short trips, yet everyone finds a way to quilt on the road. We love our RV and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  21. We live in our 39′ Keystone Alpine fifth wheel, and own a second smaller fifth wheel to travel in. Headed to Florida on the 20th of December. Love, Love, LOVE Rving.

  22. We owned a 35 foot class A for a few years. We loved all the room…HUGE bathroom and lots of storage but we also own a boat so if we wanted to stay on the water and enjoy the boat too we always had to drive 2 vehicles – one to pull the boat. We also found Key West does have limits of where you are able to camp or go due to the size of the RV. We have since sold our RV.I LOVE that lifestyle but our next one will most likely be a travel trailer. Easy to set up and you have a vehicle to drive. I love the fact I am sleeping on MY sheets and the are CLEAN! LOL

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