I didn’t actually quilt yesterday on Veteran’s day but I’ve been working on this Patriotic Rail Fence quilt since Friday. The quilting is finished – pantograph is Ebb and Flow – and once I get it bound, it will go to comfort the mother of a veteran who just lost her son.


I’m thankful for all who serve now and in the past including both my father and Keith’s dad as well as Keith’s brother who died recently and I try each year to make at least a couple quilts for veterans. If you are interested in showing your appreciation through making and donating a quilt to a veteran, there are a number of different patriotic quilts with brief instructions on my website. 


  1. Beautiful quilt!! I would like to make some and donate but I need to make one for my husband first. He is a Vietnam Veteran. I bought a beautiful kit a couple of years ago to make for him but just haven’t got it done yet. Too many hobbies!! You have some wonderful patterns on your website and I have already printed a few. Thank you for those!! Have a great day, I am going in to sew now. Hopefully I can stay in there all day. We shall see…

    • Thanks Sara, I hope so. He was just 35 and we don’t know the circumstances of his death but we knew that he had some challenges due to his time in the service. It’s very sad.


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