Tracking my progress

I’ve mentioned before that I keep a database with my quilt data/progress and this is just one sheet on the database … New Starts. The windmills top might be my last new start for the year – that makes 19 new starts but only 3 aren’t finished quilts or finished tops … yet. I hope to have that down to 1 or even 0 by the new year! I’ve said before that having finished tops waiting for quilting doesn’t bother me as much as having UFO’s in pieces so one of my goals each year is to have no (or very few) UFOs in pieces rolling over into the next year.



  1. You can see the heavy weight your health had on quilting this year The great thing is that you are improving daily and that you are going at a good pace. This is an impressive list and doesn’t mention the quilt tying or travelling. Fantastic!

    • No, these are just the new starts … it doesn’t count all the UFO’s finished or the quilts done for Mom or the ones tied and finished in Maine.


  2. I don’t keep a journal, sure wish I had. I do take photos of every quilt finished though. Right now I have several quilts started plus I’d like to quilt at least two or three tops before Christmas. We got our heavy snow last night and will be bundled up to get some shopping done soon. I think you did great with all the tops and having a medical issue too. So glad you feel better now.

  3. Your are so organized! I can’t even imagine accomplishing that much sewing and quilting in a year. I have been especially slow this year but need to speed it up. I have 4 or 5 quilts in process. Need to get them done!!

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