Tracking UFO Progess

In addition to tracking my new starts for the year as shown in yesterday’s post, I also track progress on my UFOs. Anything not finished by Jan 1 rolls over from the New Start list to the UFO list and the goal is to see that number go down each year although I haven’t managed that in recent years. Once the Patriotic Rail Fence is bound, I will have completed 18 UFOs this year… my goal is finishing a minimum of 12 each year.

The number of UFOs will go down next year — not as far as I’d like but at least most of the UFOs continue to be finished tops.  I don’t do well with UFOs in pieces and you can see my oldest UFO from 2009 still isn’t a finished top!

EDIT: Another reason I like my lists, is that I learn things about how I work by looking at them. I just realized other than the one kitted project that hasn’t been started, the other three UFOs that aren’t finished tops are all hand pieced projects … that tells me that maybe I shouldn’t start any more piecing projects by hand because however much I like the idea of doing them, they don’t seem to get finished up.




  1. Hi Mary!! This is quite a system you have here. I love this whole idea. I’m going to PIN this and maybe I’ll have my own set up for the new year. It is SO easy to add those sneaky UFOs that you unearth as you go through a drawer or closet. This is cool. Happy Thursday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I’ve been tracking my progress for a few years too, but I like the simple organization of your spreadsheet much better than mine. HMMM – moving into 2019 may be a perfect time to tweak how I manage my list. I so glad you are willing to share your ideas.

  3. I really like your spreadsheet for quilts. I need to start this. Now I just need to remember how to do it. Have a good Thanksgiving with your beautiful family.

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