The boys are back home

Chris and Adam are back from their trip to Virginia where they attended their grandmother’s funeral. I love that they took me along with them through texts and photos and that they had that time together. 

I know not everyone would,  but I appreciated Chris taking a couple photos after the service. 

Chris realized this trip that all 3 sets of grandparents are buried (or will be in the case of my Mom) in Virginia. Keith’s parents are at Arlington National Cemetery, My Dad is in Newport News, and his father and that set of grandparents are buried in Southampton county. Keith and I have recently decided that we want to be cremated and our ashes interred at the same cemetery my Dad is buried and Chris told me tonight that he’d like to have his family’s ashes buried there too … of course, he’ll have to convince Becky of that. 

My brother got me information from the cemetery in October and I’m thinking about doing some pre-planning but so far, I’ve just been thinking about it. Maybe it’s time to actually make some concrete plans. 


  1. When my parents divorced, my mother bought cemetery plots for $50 each. Now that cemetery has none to sell but people sell their plots at $1800. I will be buried next to my mom and my husband next to me. It’s all been set up since I was 5 years old, about 68 years ago.

  2. We bought plots near my in-laws. Dave’s parents and grandparents, and much extended family are all buried in that same cemetery in his little hometown. My maternal grandparents are buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, a beautiful location.

  3. My husband and I are also going to be cremated. We have decided to have our ashes spread at a favorite spot we have vacationed at several times.

  4. I know it’s a hard thing to step up and do this, but it’s great for your family to know it’s already planned and paid for. My husband died unexpectedly in Sept. and several years ago when I was working on some genealogy, I discovered that my father in law had bought 12 cemetery plots when a son was killed in a farm accident. I followed up on it, checked the location with the sexton, and so was able to let the granddaughters make the choice of where they wanted Grandpa to be buried, I was so glad I’d done my homework because the new sexton was unfamiliar with the fact we owned so many. Plus it was a surprise to the inlaws who were preparing to buy lots in the same cemetery. It’s easier on the kids to be able to help their kids rather than have to deal with the mechanics of death.

  5. I take pictures at funerals. The people are there to celebrate the life lived by and the love for the person who died. The places and things associated with that celebration and love are memories that bring me joy. The pictures bring that joy to mind.

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