Photo books

I’ve tried a few photo book services/apps in the past but they can be pretty time consuming  so I was kind of interested in trying out this new app – Chatbooks .

I have too many photos for an app to decide which ones to use but it’s not too hard to choose 30 (or more) photos myself and do some quick arranging and I like the price – $15 for a hardcover book or $10 for softcover —  shipping is $4 dollars but both times I’ve ordered they’ve given me free shipping for the next 48 hours … and yep, both times I went back and created another book to get the free shipping. 

I doubt I’d just do this for everyday type photos but for those special trips it’s even easier than having a bunch of photos printed and then having to put them in albums myself. I guess I’ll be adding some books to the library!

I’m even considering going back and printing a book of my quilt photos.


  1. Hi Mary! What a fabulous idea for making a quilt photo book!! I love that whole idea, as these books turned out great. Happy Happy Wednesday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Wonderful idea! I need to check out that service. I’ve been trying to gather some genealogy photos for a book for my girls, but have gotten kind of frustrated with Shutterfly lately.

  3. These are wonderful!! I have made a few books on the more time consuming websites and they did come out really nice but I just do not have the time now. I will be looking into the Chatbooks though as I have been thinking about putting more favorite pictures into book form. This sounds much quicker. Thanks for the post!!

    • It takes a little time but overall it is much quicker. I started books over the last several years and have always abandoned them as taking too much time.

      I didn’t mention the size but I did the 6×6 books.


  4. Thank You!!! for sharing this post. My husband and I no long give gifts, but when I saw this I knew I had to order one to surprise him. He is always complaining that his pictures are on his phone or the computer. I grabbed his phone when I went to this link and picked out enough pictures for a nice book including pics of his mom and his dad who has passed away. I’m so excited to find something I would never have thought or knew about and so inexpensive too! You’re the BEST!!
    xx, Carol

  5. Thanks for the link. I was just looking at photo options at the local Big Box store! Are you pleased with the way your books turned out or are you still waiting for them to be delivered? You certainly can’t beat the price!

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