Everything but sewing

The last few days I’ve been doing everything but spending my time sewing … still doing a lot of napping – my cold is improving but it’s not even close to being gone. Quality time is being spent with Finn while I knit or read. We spent 3 hours on the porch last night (I had a new book by a favorite author) and tonight we’ve been upstairs knitting another hat. 

I’ve manage to get a couple walks in … 3 miles today, 2.5 miles yesterday. Loads of laundry done, unpacking done, some organization in the sewing room done. My walk this evening was to our little village which is all decorated for Christmas. 

I printed photos for ornaments 

I even ironed some money for Christmas cards and since I’m not motivated to go to the bank for nice new money, pressing the wrinkled money from my wallet works just as well!


  1. It’s good that you are taking care of yourself — that’s most important! The tree in your village is huge and beautiful! I love the photo ornaments!

  2. It’s hard to take care of ourselves but we must. Never heard of ironing money but I’ll try it. Thanks for the tip. I like all your pics.

  3. Love all the hats you’ve been knitting. Organizing, unpacking, and putting things away is a lot of work. Great photo of you and Finn.

  4. Oh my goodness, I cracked up when I read where you had ironed money for the cards! I give money, too, and try to get good crisp bills. Ironing! Why didn’t I think of that!! Have a wonderful holiday! Sounds like you’re well on your way to getting things done so you can enjoy. ~Mindy

  5. Hi Mary! What a pretty tree in your village! And Finn looks quite happy for the company. I am amazed at how quickly you can knit those hats! WOW! You’ll be feeling like yourself in no time, I hope. {{Hugs}} Happy Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

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