Bunnies and Bricks

I saw a cute bunny quilt online a while back and saved a photo because I thought Mom might like to make it, I even found a bunny appliqué and saved it. I had appointments all day today so Mom worked a bit in the sewing room tracing bunnies onto fusible web and when I got home, I cut a pile of bricks. Now it’s a kit for her to take home and finish.

I didn’t realize there was a tutorial but that’s OK, we calculated our own measurements to give us the size quilt we wanted. I should count this one as one of my Precut Party quilts since she used a set of my fat quarters … of course, there is a lot of fabric left in that bundle so I’ll have to come up with something else to use it up!

9 thoughts on “Bunnies and Bricks

  1. Hi Mary! Your mom is the energizer bunny in spite of her cold. She will have so many different projects to keep her busy when she has to return home. You’ll miss each other, and you’re getting so much accomplished. It is fun to watch! ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. That will make such a cute quilt. I hope we get to see it finished. You and your mom make a good team. You are both so creative.


  3. This is such a cute quilt, and Jedi Girl has a wonderful website to browse. I almost want a Sizzix seeing all the quilts and crafts she makes using the machine. Adorable project! Your Mom is having such a good time I’m sure. You too!


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