I worked a little on the tax stuff today but I let myself get distracted… I bought a Kodak slide and negative scanner and was anxious to try it out.

I’ve got that first carousel scanned and there are a couple more of Keith’s family to do. I’m having Chris bring my family slides when he visits at the end of the month so I can rescan those too. They were scanned years ago and the quality wasn’t very good.

Wasn’t Keith cute?


  1. Great distraction. I bought a slide and photo scanner, did most of our pictures and then loaned it to someone so it is gone and no more pictures will be done.

  2. I had all of my slides scanned about eight years ago. The company did a great job. I have a LOT of negatives I’d like to scan but it would take years. Isn’t it amazing how facial characteristics from our youth are still strong in our adult faces.

  3. Please tell me what you bought in order to scan the slides. And did you scan them into your computer? I bought a big scanner several years ago to transfer slides to my computer but it was very tedious and took forever. There just has to be an easier way?? I have about 2000 slides my Dad left for me. The ones I did get scanned I made into picture books for my mother and sister through an online website. They turned out great and are just like a book. I would like to do more.

  4. I’d also like to know more about the scanner you are using. Is it easy to use? How fast is the actual scanning process? Based on the picture of Keith, the quality looks good.

  5. I just bought one of these also. I just haven’t put it to use yet. I’m glad to hear that you are pleased with your results.

  6. I would like to know the scanner you used also. Using equipment you know works well makes the job go much smoother. I read and scanned your blog when your Mom came for the tools you used. Great quilts and good tools. Thank you for both.

  7. Great project. I also have plenty of slides from our family. I had a one of the scanners years ago, but never got it to work properly because I didn’t have the right computer and computer program. Thinking that I should look into another one and finally finish that project. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration to finish a long overdue project. Donna Weeks (dweeks4602@gmail.com)

  8. Mary, what scanner did you buy? We have about a 4 year period when our children were growing up that we took only slides. Big mistake. We too have used other scanners to copy them but it was so tedious and the results were hardly worth the effort. Thanks for the impetus to try again.

  9. You are so much more patient than I. I bought a scanner years ago, but it is so tedious that the project was quickly stashed away. I once again, last fall, felt this project needed to be completed so I dug out the projector to sort the slides. My dad loved to take a lot of small town parade slides. I thought if I could weed out those–but alas the projector stopped and I can’t find anyone to fix it. As I said the scanner is tedious so I am looking for a viewer. I remember years ago using that to look at the slides. Glad to hear there are others doing this project.

  10. Hi Mary! This is fabulous. I need to do this for my sister – she has a TON of slides like that. I think Keith looked like Bobby Brady. ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Keith hasn’t changed much, except for a little off the top.Are you finding the scanner easy to work with. Would love to hear about how well it works.

  12. I’ve been thinking of buying one for quite a while now. I’ll have to go check them out again. Have fun!

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