Arlington National Cemetery

We’ve been many times but a visit to Arlington National Cemetery is still a sobering event. We walked past scores of graves on the way to visiting the columbarium where the ashes of Keith’s parents are placed. It’s so hard to wrap your mind around the service of so many and impossible not to feel grateful.

I am proud that Keith’s dad is here.

We had talked about visiting Arlington House while we were here at the cemetery but it’s closed for renovation. We did visit the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


  1. I’ll be there in a month for the burial of my brother-in-law, a 3 star general. What service he provided worldwide, from Vietnam to Desert Storm and beyond. If people only realized the sacrifice our armed services and their families make for our country. What a restful place.

  2. I moved to DC in July 1976 with my cousin Sandy. She was a park “ranger” at Arlington House. It was a big change for her to switch from her normal park ranger uniform to wearing hoop skirts and her hair in ringlets. I ended up moving back to Minneapolis after not finding a job. But it was a great adventure for a new college grad. And Arlington Cemetery was one of my favorite places to visit.

  3. I live in a military town and thus interact with a lot of military members. They deserve our respect and any family member has also sacrificed for our country and has earned respect. Arlington Cemetery is the most recognised of places for all services and many conflicts. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as a symbol moves many to realise the gravity of our debt. I took a tour with a friend who worked at Arlington one summer and then listened to the tour script often after she got back to college. So much history.

  4. Beautiful pictures!! Would love to visit there someday. My husband is a Vietnam Veteran, we have a lot of respect for our military in our home.

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