We got home last night after dinner and I plopped myself in my chair and started crocheting … yes, the unpacking and laundry can wait!

Keith left early this morning on another trip and after sleeping in, I ran to the vet to pick up Finn – he was very happy to be on on his way home!

After some cuddle time, he curled up beside me and I went back to crocheting the brown afghan and finished it up this afternoon – all ends woven in too!

I must like this color because it appears to be the same color as my carpet!

This is another of the Ripple Afghans made from this free pattern found on Ravelry. I do intend to try some different patterns but not quite yet. I love that this has one simple row to repeat so I don’t even have to look at the pattern or remember what row I’m on.

I took time to measure all 3 of the ripples made in the last month (yes, I finished 3 in the month – how’s that for quick? ) and they’re about the same size give or take a couple inches. The largest is 42 x 60 the smallest 40 x 60. I cast on an additional 16 stitches for this one but it’s a couple inches smaller than the green ripple – both are worsted weight yarn but I can tell that the Caron Big Cake yarn is a little thicker. It’s funny but because of the stretch of the yarn, these feel much larger than an equivalent size quilt and they are a generous size for a child or a nice lap size for an adult.

Hook size – I used an (I) hook on the blue, and an (H) hook on the green and brown ripples. I’m ready to start a smaller baby size one so I’ve decided to go down 16 stitches to a chain of 114 and stay with an (H) hook. I should have a photo to show later this evening.


  1. I love the way this looks; I feel like it has been on yarn for a long time. Before I get distracted, thought, I do have 3 knitting projects that should finish!

  2. Welcome home!
    Thanks for the info on your afghan and hook sizes – I’ve got my Caron cakes ready to start!

  3. Hi Mary! Aww, Finn looks so cute and happy to be going for a ride, especially home. Glad you are both safely back from your travels. Heck yes, unpacking and laundry can wait! I love how your afghan turned out – it looks so nice and soft and especially warm. Happy Friday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Hi Mary,
    How many of the Caron Big Cakes do you use for the Ripple Afghan?
    Yours are just beautiful and have me itching to start one.

  5. Beautiful afghan!! You are amazing!! I am still working on the same crocheted baby afghan I started while on vacation a month ago. Actually haven’t picked it up since being home. Baby is due in Aug. so I need to get it done. I did make a baby quilt for the same baby so I do have an excuse…lol. Happy you made it home safe and sound. There’s no place like home!!

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