Another Finish

This one was crocheted in 2 days but it’s on the smaller size. I bought 2 Caron Big Cakes for this one and wanted to make a baby/child size afghan using all of both cakes but my measurements were off a bit. The afghan is 34 x 46 and I had about 1/4 to 1/3 of the 2nd cake left. Keep in mind that these stretch so even at just 34 inches wide, it covers my lap completely.

I chained 114 for this one but next time I use 2 cakes, I’m going to chain 130 and just keep crocheting until the yarn is gone … hopefully that won’t be too squarish but I also don’t like long and too skinny which is why I stopped this one at 46 inches long.

Colorway is Afternoon Tea.

Can you tell I messed up? I wasn’t paying close enough attention and thought the cakes were in the same color sequence but although they started with the same color, they were in reverse order. I’ll have to pay more attention to that.

I wanted to show you the difference in crocheting in the back loop and crocheting in the whole stitch with two afghans sitting side by side with the same yarn. I love the texture that you get using the back loop only but I think in the smaller size I will do both loops from now on because I think it looks a little chunkier at least in this yarn.

I know I’m a little obsessed right now but these are so quick and easy. It took me 4 months to knit the little blue afghan sitting on the top of the stack that I finished in March, the other 4 were crocheted between March 21 and April 26 AND I traveled 2 weeks during that time.

Next up, another larger one using 3 Caron Big Cakes – this time I’m going to chain 146 and hopefully can use all of the 3 Cakes! Colorway is Honey Glazed!

Obviously I did buy some more cakes …. but of the 4 crocheted afghans shown in the photo above, 3 were from yarn from stash … it just so happened that I’d had that green Big Cake yarn in stash for almost 2 years and loved the result once I pulled it out to use which encouraged me to buy more as long as my enthusiasm for these afghans keeps up, I’ll be working through stash at a quicker clip!


  1. They are lovely. I’m waiting for my yarn to arrive so I can start on Attic24 Dune blanket. I haven’t crocheted much for a long time so I expect it might be challenging. Your work is exquisite.

  2. I had 1 1/2 cakes leftover from another project so I picked up one more cake to make one of these afghans – and of course it isn’t the same colour (close, but not close enough…). I’ll get out soon to grab 2 more next week.
    I prefer the look of crocheting in the back loops only too.

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