April goals

I won’t go over the list of the goals until the end of the month but in case you think that I’ve spent all my time crocheting, I’ve met and exceeded most of the April goals in the sewing room. Yesterday I spent time unpacking and clearing away piles so I could get started on a new quilt.

After staring at the blocks on the design wall for a week, I can’t decide if I want to finish the Apple Core UFO or just use it up in a couple doll quilts so I decided I’d stuff it back in a bag for now.

I’ve got a small dinosaur quilt on my to do list for December and I decided since May starts next week I’d go ahead and get this top made. I bought the fabric pack at the quilt show Mom and I went to here in Tampa and it came with a pattern. I’m going to try and make extra blocks and I may or may not put a border on it … I’ll just have to wait and see how far the fabric goes. I made all the A blocks the quilt calls for and I’ll make the B blocks before deciding if I have enough fabric to change the setting to a 6×8 block layout versus the 6×6 that they use here.

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