Woodland Ripple

We had a rainy afternoon so no bike ride for me … Keith was good and got one in early before the rain. Since we couldn’t get out, I hand stitched a binding on my HeartStrings quilt – I’ll have to get a photo tomorrow.

Tonight I started another afghan. I was going to crochet a Ripple scarf to try out a new pattern but I didn’t have a small enough hook for the yarn I wanted to use (I’ve ordered a set of smaller hooks from Amazon now) so I decided I’d jump in and try the new pattern on a smaller afghan using two of the Caron Big Cakes.

I’d seen a ripple version in one of the new books that I liked – a variation of the knit feather and fan pattern – but I was a little unsure of where those end stitches went. In my opinion, that’s one of the hardest things in crochet, making sure you put that first and last stitch in the right place so your afghan doesn’t grow or shrink!

I’ve been following a new blog for a couple months and Lucy had a version of this pattern on her blog with very detailed instructions and lots of photos showing just where to place those stitches so after a little math, I chained 137 and got started. I was afraid this one would not be as easy to memorize and that I’d have to look at the pattern each time I started a row but after just a few, I have it down.

NOTE: If you decide to give this one a try, be aware that the pattern uses UK crochet terms rather than US so you will want to make sure you use the correct stitch!!

Pattern : Woodland Ripple from Lucy at Attic24

Hook size – H

Yarn – Caron Big Cakes – Jordan Almond colorway


  1. Ooh! I really like that – feather and fan is one of my favourite patterns to knit. I’ll have to check out that pattern – and pick up some more ‘cakes’ – I’ve added that to tomorrow’s to-do list….

  2. My problem has always been shrinking or growing my project. That’s why I do better following video tutorials. (Even then I mess things up)

  3. The gold/yellow with the grey is really sharp. These are going to make wonderful and cuddly donation afghans.

  4. That color combo should be really pretty. I like that pattern too and have been following Lucy for years. She’s also a whizz at crochet.

  5. Lucy is great. I like the bit of yellow in the grey, and the bit of grey in the yellow yarns. I like a pattern that s easy to remember. Having to look back at the pattern all the time is an invitation for mistakes.
    xx, Carol

  6. Would you tell me how many caron big cakes you used on your woodland Afghan…I’ve made several of these but not using big cakes.

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