So the high temps are hitting 94 degrees and our A/C stops working last night!! Luckily, we have two units in this house – one for the upstairs and one downstairs and luckily, we have a daybed and trundle downstairs in Keith’s office for Chris and Adam’s visits so we moved downstairs to sleep last night and we’ll sleep down there again tonight – our A/C guy said he could come tomorrow to see what the problem is so I’m hoping it’s something he can fix.

We spent the day cleaning and prepping for an event this evening and enjoyed a dip in the pool after we did all of our chores! I can’t believe we actually looked at houses here in Tampa that didn’t have pools … it’s really a necessity here with the heat!


  1. No AC in hot weather is not fun!! We live in the Seattle area and although it seldom gets in the 90’s here our house does heat up fast. We tend to use the AC quite a bit in the summer months. Actually have already had to use it this year. The pool looks very inviting and a perfect way to relax after cleaning. Enjoy!!

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