The little lavender Linen stitch blanket is done. My tension wasn’t particularly even but I focused on being more consistent in the 2nd half of the blanket. I’m ok with imperfection but I do strive to improve!

Blanket details

Yarn – Caron Cotton Cakes, colorway Lavender fields

Hook size – H

Pattern is a purchased one that came with a kit but for those of you following along on my crochet adventure, I searched for a free pattern to share and you can find it at this link. It’s basically the same as the pattern I’m using except mine has a crocheted border to finish it off.

Blanket size – 34 x 40 and I used 2 cakes plus just a little bit of the 3rd one to finish my edging.

I love the texture the linen stitch creates and will be doing more blankets using it.

I had several people question whether I like the Big Cakes or the Cotton Cakes yarn better and I have to say I like them both. I’ve only got one more set of Cotton Cakes and both the yarns I bought have pastel colors and it’s a lighter worsted weight than the Big Cakes so I see using this yarn for baby blankets and the other yarn for older children and adults but it’s certainly suitable for any size blanket you’d want to make.


  1. Oh My…that is beautiful! It just looks so soft and cozy! I don’t do any knitting or crochet but I love the look of that stitch! Very nice!

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