I love blankets made from cotton yarn – this is the first time I’ve used this one from BluPrint but I like how it’s working up. Soft and squishy!

It’s a very simple pattern just double crochet with a shell border. Click this link for the free pattern.

She doesn’t specifically say whether to count the turning chain as a stitch and whether or not to put a stitch in the turning chain at the end of a row so I looked it up in my Crochet Answer book – while you can probably find most answers online as well as many videos, it’s a good little reference book. I have the kindle version and a hard copy too!

Here’s an online tutorial that shows you where to place your first and last stitch if you’re a little unsure in this project like I was.

I’d intended to make some more half Log Cabin blocks today but I was out all afternoon running errands and getting a massage so Finn needed some time with me. He’s happy to sit with me quietly while I crochet but he still has to be in a crate in the sewing room because he tries to eat every little scrap he can find … and there are always scraps to be found!

One of my errands today was to cut all my hair off for the summer … it was 95 again today and it’s only going to get hotter!

I’ll share one more photo … my stack of blankets is growing but luckily Chris will take all the ones on the left home with him after his visit next week and donate them to SafePath for me.

If it seems like I’m accomplishing more with my crochet than with my quilting it’s because I spend the evening and night hours when I can’t sleep crocheting and usually just the afternoon hours in the sewing room but I’m still making progress on my quilts too! I’ve got company coming the first two weeks of July and have a trip the 3rd week so I probably won’t get a lot of sewing done next month but I’ve still got the rest of this week to make some progress.


  1. I like your haircut, Mary. I sent your pic to my sister in FL because she would look as adorable as you in this cut. I’m in OR. It’s not as hot here….yet! Melanie

  2. Yes, your haircut is fantastic on you, shorter hair is more becoming! Love all your crochet.

  3. My mother used to crochet and she had the ability to multi task so sat in a room full of people with lots going on and could crochet perfectly and be part of the conversation. If it was quiet she tended to make mistakes.

  4. Bravo on the impressive stacks of blankets/afghans for donation! The short cut looks great, and I’m sure it’s a lot cooler for summer temperatures.

  5. Cute haircut, Mary! My haircutter is on maternity leave all summer, so I’m growing out a good cut from May. I may be ready to chop it all off by the time she’s back to work!

  6. Very cute cut and looks great on you!! Very flattering! Your crocheting amazes me and you are going to make some people very happy. I am going to buy that book. I can’t believe I don’t already have it. Maybe I do and just can’t find it…lol.

  7. Mary – love your hair / I am trying to find a summer cut as well.

    Since you are on s roll with blankets / I live the bean stitch- there is a blanket patter on Ravelry – free and super tv friendly!


  8. Cute haircut! Also, I’m impressed with your stack of afghans! I wanted to thank you for sharing your crocheting with us, because it has gotten me back into crocheting as well. I make quilts, both by hand and machine (prefer hand piecing), but have been having a lot of fun revisiting a childhood creative outlet again. How do you know how many skeins/yardage/ounces to buy for a project? So far, I’ve been making baby size, so it hasn’t been too big of a deal, but I’m about ready to make one for an adult as a gift and have no idea how much yarn to buy. I’m going to be using the wave/ripple/chevron pattern, and can’t seem to find a good way to figure out what I’ll need. Thanks for any help you can share!

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