I’ve been crocheting on and off for years, mostly off after I taught myself to knit but I still consider myself a beginner and can still find the balance of yarn, pattern, and hook size a challenge not to mention keeping consistent tension through a piece. I finished the yellow blanket last night – it’s OK but not just right. I went down a hook size from the pattern and yarn label but I think I probably should have gone down another size. It drapes well but I feel like this one needs more body if you know what I mean. However, it’s a soft little blanket and I’m sure it will wrap a child in warmth and comfort and I continue to learn. You can find the yarn and pattern details at this post.

So after finishing that one last night I decided to try a new pattern – a corner to corner blanket. I watched a little video, pulled some yarn and crocheted for a while. I liked doing the pattern but the fabric had no drape at all and I’d already gone up a hook size. The holes would have been larger than I would have liked had I gone up in size again so I scrapped that plan but I will try it again with a different yarn.

After I ditched that one I went back to the linen stitch. I’m using a pattern that came in a kit I bought but this free one is very similar. Wish me luck! If I don’t keep my tension even it will really show up on this one.

I should be in the sewing room finishing the half Log Cabin top but we went for another 10 mile bike ride and came home and went for a swim – now all I want to do is sit a while!


  1. I like this soft yellow because yellow is one of my favorite colors and I like this stitch look.

  2. You should be wherever you are happy. If you don’t get that quilt done, the world won’t end and you will get back on track. You have a strong work ethic and you love doing so many good things! Enjoy your day with Keith.

  3. The soft yellow baby afghan is very cute. And the ruffle just finishes it off. I usually put one on all my baby afghans. I love the color of your new Big Cakes. We are leaving on a little 3 day trip tomorrow so I need to run to Micheals and get some of that yarn so I will have a project to work on. I will make a ripple though. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I am anxious to see yours finished using that pattern though. Should be really pretty. It sounds like you had a full day in spite of not getting in any sewing.

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