Looking for inspiration

When I’m not sewing, I’m looking for inspiration or shopping and we all know that I don’t need to do any more shopping!!! I have a saved search for Vintage Quilts on eBay and get emails with results of the search daily … I find so much inspiration in vintage quilts.

Today before heading out I spent some time looking. Did I mention my bow tie die arrived before I left on my trip?! Of course I’ll have to finish up the Kite top before starting anything else but I’m anxious to make a bow tie quilt from that same blue/green/purple bin of fabric I’ve pulled out for the Kites.

I like both these settings for bow tie blocks and will probably eventually do two quilts, one with each setting.

I love scrappy rail fence quilts and love how that one black rail ties all these blocks together. Do you think those are stitches or basting stitches?!! I’m thinking basting. I might use my string bin for one of these rather than cutting strips.

Another snowball quilt is on my list, next time to be paired with a nine patch block and I love the color arrangement in this vintage quilt.

Speaking of nine patches, I don’t enjoy sashing quilts but I love this homespun 9 patch with this wide sashing!

Seeing this one, made me run to the Accuquilt site to see if my 8 inch Qube set included a square on point die … I’ve said I’m not a big fan of the Qubes because they are smaller dies and cut fewer shapes per pass than many of the other dies but in this case my set does include an on point square … and I’m saving this idea and putting it on my to do list. It’s a very easy quilt but I love it!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration from today’s batch of vintage quilts too.


  1. All beautiful vintage quilts but that top bowtie one is truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Hi Mary! Lots of inspiration there – and I don’t need any more right now. My mind is about to explode with inspiration or projects I’d like to start. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I love all of them! I think the one with the giant stitches is actually quilted like that. I can imagine anyone basting like that! LOL.

  4. I would hope those are basting stitches, but since they are on every single strip I kind of doubt it. Maybe done by a child or someone with very bad eyesight. It holds it together and that is all that mattered.

  5. I REALLY like the first bowtie quilt!!! I have one cut out, and I might just try that layout. I’ve seen a few that are arranged to look like “circles” – also an inter layout. The two quilts using 9-patches look great too. I’m going to save those ideas!

  6. All are beautiful!! I especially like the first bow tie quilt and the snow ball. They would be fun to do. I Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh, oh, oh… I love them! Especially that “Snowball & 9-Patch” (the colors on that one are fabulous!) & the sashed “9-Patch” (can you tell 9-Patch in my favorite pattern? LOL!)! I love the homespun! What an interesting/unique/creative way to use it. Thanks for sharing these with us! And P. S: I can’t wait tos ee your “Bow Tie” quilts… I love them, too!

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