Deep discounts

I would feel bad about shopping again but tonight Keith told me I should stock up while he’s working … good thing he’s on board with enhancing the stash since this arrived today.

26.5 yards of fabric AND 4 Jelly Rolls for $126. I call that a good deal!

I also bought extra yarn because this blanket I’m working on is definitely going to take more than 4 skeins!!

I’m making progress on the nine patch quilt … I hate sewing long rows of blocks so I tend to assemble in blocks. This one works out perfect because I can sew 12 larger 9 patch blocks and THEN sew the rows together. MUCH easier than sewing the blocks together in rows.


  1. Lucky you!!! My husband doesn’t care when I buy new material but I have a lot right now. I am trying hard to ignore the daily emails I get loaded with pictures of beautiful fabric. I keep them a day or two just in case I change my mind though. It’s so hard to be good!!

  2. What a lovely quilt. My partner keeps moaning about my bags of wool hidden all around the house BUT I do remind him of the four sets of golf clubs that he won’t get rid of when he does!!!!🤔

  3. I am always totally impressed by your production of such beautiful quilts and crocheted projects! Do you mind sharing where the “deep discounts” came from? Oh this could be dangerous for me…. 🙂

  4. No more fabric for me, I have too much. I went to a yard sale for fabrics and bought name brand jelly rolls for $10, kona for $1 a yard and charm packs for $3 each. I spent $200 and we could hardly carry the bags into the house. I thought I died and went to heaven ! I read in a book about Mary Ellen Hopkins and her ‘twoies-foursies way of sewing blocks. Pick up the top two and sew, then the next two. Then sew the four together. It kinda looks like you are doing that with your blocks. That heart quilt is going to be beautiful.

  5. I love your heart quilt!! Enjoy stocking up your supplies too. When I was still working and didn’t have time to create as much as I’d like I would buy fabric, fiber, tools, etc. My rationale was that I was stocking up for retirement. Little did I realize how busy my retirement would be!! Travel and nine grandchildren will do that!

    That being said I have enjoyed reaching into my vast stash and finding most of what I need for a project. Sometimes I find things I don’t even remember buying. Don’t worry though – I still pick up new yarns and fabrics too!! Plus I picked up even more craft hobbies since leaving the work force 🙂

  6. Girl, you’re as bad as me this week! It must be the water… LOL! I ordered fabric 4 times (yes, in a single week) & bought some locally, too. So much for my New Year’s Resolution to only buy what I need to finish WIPs… LOL! But, hey, you’re right… the sales as of late have been TOO GOOD to pass up! And the fabric this year is all so yummy! Now, if only we could buy the time to get all these projects done… LOL! Thanks for sharing your haul with us!

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