A miscalculation

I don’t get it! I thought that chaining 154 for this afghan would be just right for using 4 skeins … after all, I chained 146 for this ripple and used 3 skeins but I was obviously wrong. This one is going to be massive but I LOVE it!

I measured the length as soon as I finished the first of my 4 skeins and I could tell it wasn’t going to be nearly enough yarn. Luckily, I was able to go online at Michaels and find the same colorway and order it online to pick up at my local store. I’m going to ignore the fact that it’s probably not going to be the same dye lot and hope for the best!!

Bottom line, I’m LOVING this one size issues and all! You can find the details at my post here.


  1. The beauty of those skeins is that even if the colouring is off just a bit it doesn’t show up in the finished afghan! Now if the dye is a LOT different you’re in trouble….
    We were in Hobby Lobby today looking at 5 skeins of cream yarn – 3 different dye lots, and it was pretty obvious….

  2. I just love that pattern and the yarn is beautiful! I am trying to think of someone I can make that for but think I will just start making it and see who likes it the most. Then it will be theirs.

  3. Oh, I hope it turns out OK. Dye lots are tricky. I bought some turquoise yarn to knit a scarf for a very tall friend last winter. And it wasn’t enough. Went back to Joanns and in the very back under others was my dye lot! Good luck.

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