I need a plan! I’ve got 3 weeks until the Maine sew-in and with luck the new longarm will be delivered the week before, I’ve got to assemble the cubbies and move the stash, and unfortunately Keith is gone most of this week and his brother and wife are going to be here this weekend so I can’t use the guest room to get stuff out of my way but I think I’ve got things figured out.

First up was to quilt this Chevron Rail Fence – nothing fancy, just freehand swirls.

Brief instructions are on my website

I’d decided that I’d try to get 4 quilts trimmed, the bindings on and ready for hand sewing and one more quilted. Then, the end of the week I’ll start moving things around and getting the cubbies assembled. Keith’s brother will leave Monday morning so Keith can help me finish up what we don’t get done before they come. By then, I hope to have a date for the longarm delivery and set-up.


  1. Congratulations on the longarm! You will find there is so much you can do, and so much more easily than on a domestic machine. Freehand quilting on a longarm is THE most fun thing in the world! Feathers! Yes, that’s the best thing ever!

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