This Flock of Geese top might be the last one quilted on my Gammill … the plan is for the new longarm to be delivered the week of September 8th but depending on when they schedule it, I might not get another top done on this machine. My goals for the next week and a half are to finish up some binding and get the new cubbies assembled and the stash moved.

Pantograph is Fern Gully.

Brief instructions for the quilt can be found on my website.

I’ve started doing some straightening already and I’m finding little things here and there. I didn’t realize I had the perfect border fabric for this set of fat quarters … now I want to make another pink and brown quilt.

And I haven’t pieced a scrappy binding in a while … I’m about to outgrow this bin. I guess I need to play in my Strings – those quilts are always good candidates for scrappy bindings! Do you save binding bits?


  1. Did somebody say “pink & brown quilt”?!?! Oh, that’s music to my ears… my very favorite color combo! I just got a pink & brown jelly roll for my BD from my BFF & it’s too yummy! Plus I have FQs to make a pink & brown quilt & I think a couple of other p & B jelly rolls. And I have a “Yellow Brick Road made from pink & brown Civil War reproduction & quilted with a wool batt for our winter quilt. Yep… I love’em & cannot wait to see yours! Better watch it with both eyes or I may just have to make a trip to FL to swipe it… LOL! P. S: Your Geese look fabulous!

  2. And yes, I save binding bits, tho not to use as bindings. I cut my bindings 2.5″ & I use the left-overs to make 4-Patches for 4Patches4Hope so nothing goes to waste! P. S: Scrappy bindings add so much to a quilt, IMHO.

  3. I save my binding ends too, but because I don’t press them in half, they get saved in the 2.5″ strip bin ready for immediate use. I don’t use scrappy bindings often, and could never get those creases out.

  4. Love your brown and green quilt. I once decorated my downstairs in blue and brown and it was lovely. Guess I need to rethink my views about using brown. It’s just kinda dull after using vibrant batiks, reds and oranges, yellows and blues. Good luck with all your sorting, I’m going to be doing that soon too.

  5. I love using a scrappy binding as a way to use up the scraps from a quilt. I just finished an Around the World with a 5 yard collection of fabrics and a scrappy binding was the perfect finish.

  6. Yes I save binding ends and have used them in many quilts. I either have way too much binding or about 2 inches of gap at the end. I stitch the excess with a neutral and have fun. Hope you get the cubbies done so you don’t have to think about them while you have company.

  7. I use scrappy bindings for scrappy quilts. I have made a lot of scrappy quilts lately and used almost all my scrappy bindings.

  8. Do you actually know a quilter who can toss fabric bits???!! All of my quilty buddies hoard all of the bits to make part or all of the next item;) I guess that is why we are wallowing in fabrics eh?! Gail Norback

  9. Beautiful eye candy. I have a lot of binding ends saved and usually at least 40 inches long as I overestimate since I don’t want to have to sew onto it in the middle of binding the quilt.

  10. I do save binding leftovers. They’re so versatile. I like to paper-piece, and those bits and bobs are often just what I need. They’re also good for a scrappy binding, or for tying up a bundle or a gift. Saving these is an easy decisiion!

  11. I do save binding leftovers. Recently I went through them and tossed the short pieces into the string bin, and put the longer pieces together in one spot to be easy to find once I need them for a scrappy binding. I love those pink and brown fabrics and can’t wait to see what you do with them.

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