August goals

I’m really pleased with my progress this month. In spite of traveling a week, I still exceeded my goals! While I don’t worry if I don’t meet all my goals, they help me stay on track with what I want to accomplish each month.

I’ll have a photo and some measurements in the next day or so but I’m so happy to finish the last stitch on this Seashell Stripe blanket tonight! It ended up way wider than my usual ones and so I felt I needed to keep crocheting until the length was proportional – I ended up using 6 of the Caron Big Cakes and it is big!

I feel the need to crochet a baby blanket next!


  1. Dear Mary,
    I am very impressed about the amount you have been able to achieve in the time frame you have had this month. Love your new storage units. I used to have 2 x 5ft x 7ft bookcases that I used for storing fabric – kept them in piles the size of a fat quarter folded in 4. I miss them very much. Looking forward to seeing the finished layout and to hear how you like your new Quilting machine. I have to ask – what is the maximum size quilt you can quilt on a 10 foot table? I am thinking I would restrict mine to about 80 inches in future and send anything larger than that out. I am very short but my husband is very tall, as are all our kids and grand children – we evened out the population 🙂

    Very pleased to hear some of the Afghans are going to cancer and infusion clinics. People get so very cold during the process as they generally have to stay still in a bed or chair for some hours.

    Also very glad to hear the good news about your health. Please stay safe during the hurricane and don’t take any risks. Property can be replaced, but people can’t.
    Warm Regards, Anne.

  2. You are such a busy little beaver… you put us all the shame… LOL! I love this this latest crochet piece of yours… the colors are beautiful!

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