Well I’m pretty happy this morning … not without mistakes and with kinks still to be worked out, I quilted my first little Strippie on the Innova this morning.

I’m pretty sure I figured out how to load the backing to the uptake bar from the back of the machine which is what I’m used to and it felt much less awkward than loading the practice muslin from the front yesterday.

Before the machine arrived, I had in my head that I could use the digital pantovision not just as an overall edge to edge but that I could insert quilting easily in specific spaces and I wanted to test that idea out with the first Strippie … plus, I just needed practice using the Pantovision app and getting it to consistently do what I wanted it to do so the repetition was really good. I did the same row over and over in the large shark strips and freehand quilted swirls and wavy lines in the rest of the strips.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to be able to size this pattern to my 6 inch row and to the length of my quilt and place it correctly … While some rows weren’t perfectly done, I learned a little each row I quilted. That’s exactly why I created these little Strippie quilts when I got my first longarm 17 years ago! The repetition really helps me learn!

I had one small place where I had a little shredding of my thread but the rest of the stitches were close to perfect!!


  1. WooHoo, Mary!!! And learning a new skill set is GOOD for the brain as well. You are well on your way. Looks FABULOUS👍👍

  2. Hi Mary! Ooh, those large waves look so cool and are just perfect for the fish/shark areas. That’s a pretty backing, too. I knew you’d figure it all out – just a little time needed and these strippies are just the perfect venue for practice. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Hi Mary Congratulations on your new Innova. I’ve had mine since 2014 and have used the pantovision from the start. I just got the new P2 loaded yesterday. You might want to check out some youtube videos from Tina Trembley on the new P2 and Some from Jamie Wallen on loading your quilt. I load from the front since I don’t have room from the back on my machine. That was one of the reasons I got the original Pantovision. Your quilting looks great!!

  4. Those waves are adorable and perfect for this fabric. Looks like you will have a LOT of fun exploring all the things this new machine will do.

  5. The little quilt turned out so cute! I love the freehand patterns you did! Hope it gets easier for you and you enjoy your new machine!

  6. That looks fantastic!! And such a cute quilt! Sure didn’t take you long to figure out the new machine. Exciting!!!

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