Custom die estimate

Several people asked me to update the blog when I got my estimate for the custom die. I’d requested an 8 inch quarter square triangle die arranged like my drawing below on a 10 inch die.

The estimate is $150 plus shipping and the cost of the mat if I need it (I don’t, I have several of the mats that fit the 10 inch dies).

Also, because I want it on the 10 inch die, they can’t angle the design so I will have to insert the die itself at an angle and that’s something I want to try at home before I decide.

Stephanie suggested that I look at the 6 inch die from another company so I’ll check that out before making a decision too.


    • Wow, Mary. That seems like a lot. It didn’t cost me that much for the Christmas stocking die, which is much bigger, but they could have been offering a sale at the time.

  1. Yes, I’m surprised dies cost so much but since I’ve never used one I really have no idea… If you are going to get a lot of use from the purchase even a costly one will be worth more than a bunch of cheaper things that you never use…

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