So after receiving the quarter square triangle die quote … I went to the site for the Blue Wren dies and took a look around. Both Stephanie and Marianne from my Heartstrings group had mentioned them and they work with the GO.

I decided to get the 6 inch quarter square triangle die – which can also be used for flying geese….

And this die too … both come with the mats and even with the shipping (all the way from Australia!!), the two dies are less than the one custom made Accuquilt die without the shipping cost or the mat.

Isn’t this a fun quilt?! I love it in the greens and yellows!

I’ve sewn the Drunkard’s Path Block with the notches and it goes together pretty easily, I’m hoping this one does too!


  1. That is a beautiful quilt. And thank you for the link to Blue Wren. I don’t have a Go yet but have been looking at them. Cheaper dies will help.

  2. The Yellow & Green (Packers?) “Drunkard’s Path” is fabulous. Let s know how your dies work for you, OK?

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