I got the third binding done last night … just one more left to do when I get home from VA. I love how this little dinosaur quilt turned out and with a Minkee back, it’s nice and cuddly.

I had a lot of questions about the pattern of this one – it’s one of those 5 yard fabric bundles and I was able to choose a free pattern to go with it. I think this pattern suited the fabric very well!

I posted a photo of the full top and a link to a free pattern that is very similar to the one I used when I finished assembling it – So click here to view it.

I’ve been VERY stressed running around trying to get everything done between getting home from Maine last week and heading out tomorrow and thought we’d just grab something quick to eat after dropping Finn off for boarding but Keith had a different plan…. I always love dinner by the water!


  1. A good man – he knew you needed dinner out. I really like how that quilt pattern lets a couple of fabrics be the star.

  2. That little dinosaur quilt may well be my very favorite of yours… I just love it! The fabrics work so well together & go perfectly with that pattern! Add the darling quilting panto & the minkee & you’ve got the perfect quilt, I’d say! WTG! Thanks for sharing it with us. Hope you enjoyed your dinner date!

  3. I have a pattern called the 5 Yard Quilt. It’s exactly like that. I love the pattern for focus fabrics. And that Keith is a keeper for sure!!

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