Ready for company

We cleaned, grocery shopped, decorated, and baked today getting ready for our Christmas company while our 2 little princesses did Disney! I love being able to receive photos instantly … it’s almost like being there.

Do you bake Christmas cookies? It’s the only time of year I bake … sugar, ginger, and brownie cookies are the favorites around here. Some years I’m too lazy to make 3 kinds so the ginger ones get left off but this year, they’ll get all 3.

And after our VERY busy day, we enjoyed quiet time on the porch because starting tomorrow there won’t be anything quiet about our holiday!


  1. Enjoy your family!!!
    I don’t bake much anymore but Christmas cookies for the neighbours always happens! I did 3 different kinds this year, plus I made some chocolates for the first time….

  2. Your little princesses are adorable! As if Finn, pooped out on the quilt. I think that should be your Christmas card next year!

  3. How cute they are!! Enjoy every minute of your Christmas holiday and company. It somehow always flies on by.

  4. Yes, I have baked for about 50 years but this is the last time for giving away. I always filled up 10 large platters full of cookies and candy. This year it was only 5 and no more after this. I’ve decided to really enjoy the holidays from now on, no more busyness or baking in quantity. I love to bake for hubby and I and will continue but not for others now. Your little girls looks very sweet.

  5. I’m baking butter cookies for the son who can’t eat eggs, almond cloud cookies for the gluten-averse, and almond- orange biscotti for the rest of us. On Christmas morning, I’ll make scones and a couple of almond puffs for brunch. I love to bake, but with only two of us at home now, I can’t justify it too often. Have a wonderful Christmas, Mary!

  6. Enjoy your family time! I did some baking this year, mostly to exchange with some friends and to take to my daughter’s house on Christmas Day. This is about the only time I bake too. Usually I make a cream cheese wreathe cookie but this year I tried a different recipe which was semi-successful. So I’ll probably go back to the traditional cookie next year.

  7. Oh, but what fun you will have with those darling little girls. Finn looks so cute and comfy in the Christmas quilt. Love those colors!! Merry Christmas to you all!!

  8. Merry Christmas to you and your family! I usually make ginger cookies, fudge, 2 pies, and chocolate chip cookie bars, but this year I’m changing it up with lemon lavender cookies, brownies, cookie bars and 2 pies. Thank you for all your quilting and crocheting inspiration! Hope you and yours have a great holiday season!

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